As a local real estate professional a commitment to client satisfaction is a top priority. Whether you are considering purchasing a home, or selling an existing property, an outstanding level of service is guaranteed with me representing you in your next real estate transaction. I provide real estate services in San Jose, Santa Clara, Almaden, Willow Glen, Cambrian, Campbell, and in other local real estate markets.

There is no doubt that providing the ideal level of real estate service will mean that you will be able to meet all of your real estate objectives. Many satisfied real estate customers have submitted letters of thanks and some greatly appreciated reviews regarding my real estate services. Thanks again for visiting and be sure to contact me regarding any real estate buying or selling need, whether large or small.

Matt and Christina B.

"We have had the pleasure of working with Kelli for three different transactions: buying our condo, selling our condo and buying our house. Kelli confidently and informatively put us at ease during each sell and purchase. She is patient with questions, responsive, respectful, trustworthy, and an absolutely a joy to work with. She has heart and drive--qualities which are both necessary to this process. She was quick to respond to emails and calls, and was an excellent teacher as we navigated through our transactions. We have happily settled in our dream home in the neighborhood that we love, and that was all made possible through Kelli’s work ethic and efficiency. We cannot recommend her enough to those looking to buy or sell a home!"

Jean W. Campbell, CA

"Kelli was a pleasure to work with. As a first-time buyer I had a lot of questions and she was more than patient and thorough with all the processes and documents, and always stayed on top of things through whatever scheduling and paper-handling hiccups that came our way. House hunting in a market like the Bay area could be pretty daunting. Kelli was very personable and knowledgeable, and really listened to what I was looking for. She offered her professional opinions with an open mind and we were able to find a neighborhood that I truly loved. I had a great experience working with her and would highly recommend her to anyone! "

Mike and Denise P. San Jose, CA

"Kelli did a fantastic job selling our home. She knows the local and regional market, helping her not only competitively price the home, but to market it as well. The results? Our home received multiple offers and sold in less than ten days. Making this more significant is the fact we weren't in the local area - - Kelli completely handled the entire transaction for us!"

Kristi and Randy V. San Jose, CA

"Kelli helped us on both the sale & purchase of a new home. She was meticulous on all paperwork, pricing, and staging. We were so grateful! Also, though, she was an excellent negotiator and fun people person. Kelli has everything-the organization, knowledge, sophistication, and the people skills needed to be a top realtor. We loved working with her!"

Amy D. San Jose, CA

"Kelli is a fantastic realtor. She is highly professional, yet personal. Her care in handling the very stressful and exciting time of buying a home was so appreciated. She was thorough and knowledgeable throughout the process, and handled everything with integrity and efficiency. I highly recommend her services for this most important decision in your life!"

Vanna T. San Jose, CA

"Kelli did an amazing job to help me sell my home! I was able to sell it above asking price and above what I originally thought I would be able to get it for. Her marketing skills helped me show the house well during and after the Open House. Kelli also helped me navigate through the negotiation process with the buyer so that we were able to rent back from the buyer for 30 days rent-free so that it gave my family enough time to move and find another property. Overall, Kelli is an excellent realtor!"

Chris and Vikki San Jose, CA

"Kelli Simmerok did an amazing job helping us sell our home during a particularly challenging time in the housing market (the beginning of a sell-off). Kelli is extremely motivated, energetic and hands-on, and definitely went the extra mile to get the job done. She accompanied me on Home Depot runs to help stage the house, and she was invaluable in helping us arrange for local contractors to do work on the house while we were 2000 miles away. In addition to her work ethic, Kelli is an extremely honest and ethical person which made it very comfortable for us to have her involved in our financial affairs. I would unreservedly recommend her to others and wish we had someone like her where we live now."

Scott and Melissa O. San Jose, CA

I would highly recommend Kelli Simmerok to anyone looking for a quality, hardworking, caring real estate agent! We were not in a great rush to buy a new home, and Kelli patiently helped us look around for many months to figure out exactly what we wanted in our dream home. Once we narrowed down the neighborhood and found the house, Kelli worked tirelessly with both my husband and I (and our differing schedules!) to make sure all our ducks were in a row to have the smoothest house buying experience imaginable. She then turned around and showed and sold our old home seamlessly. Kelli’s experience and compassion for her clients makes going above and beyond the expected seem natural, and she is not afraid to ask to get what we want! I can’t imagine going through one of the most stressful times in our lives with anyone less thorough, knowledgable, or kindhearted.

John and Brooke B.

Where to start! Kelli went on an almost 2 year real estate search with us. There were many, many, many ups and downs. We changed prices on her, locations, our must haves, over and over. At one point we were talking with Kelli's family members, who are also in real estate, during their holiday dinners to help us figure out the best plan of attack.

Kelli was so professional and did everything with a genuine smile. After 1 1/2 years into the search Kelli contacted us while we were on a European vacation to let us know a bank owned property was coming on the market for auction and we should take a look at it. The last thing we wanted to do was go and look at this house after traveling for 24 hours, but time was of the essence and Kelli insisted we take a look. We got off the airplane and literally drove to the house, and we loved it! Kelli walked us through the bidding process and got us qualified with an amazing lender. We won the auction! I wish the story ended here with happily ever after, but it does not. The bank did not have all the paperwork in order to clear title. We were at the mercy of the previous owner to sign off on the paperwork. Everything came to a screeching halt.

It took 6 months of hard work and dedication from Kelli and all of her contacts from the county, other realtors, attorneys, lenders, title companies, etc. we were able to get the ball rolling again. My husband and I really went through every emotion during those 6 months and Kelli really talked us off the ledge many times. We wanted to walk away and tell the bank to forget it, but Kelli knew what was best for us!

Also, during this time Kelli helped us get our house on the market to sell. After 1 weekend of open houses she sold it for over the asking the price. Kelli made sure we were well protected and the buyer could not start the loan process until contingencies were removed on our house, so we would not be homeless. The buyer was so well qualified and she probably could have closed before we did!

There we small hiccups during our closing process but the lender Kelli set us up with really handled everything with ease. We FINALLY closed 3 days after Christmas and our old house closed a week later. After a 1 1/2 year search and 6 months of an emotional rollercoaster we can finally say we are getting our happy ending.

The ending to this chapter is because of Kelli's professionalism, years of experience and her keen ability to help her buyers through the emotional process that comes with selling and purchasing a home. We would have quit long ago without her help and knowledge and we would not have this beautiful perfect home that we love so much.

When you work with Kelli you are not only getting an amazing real estate agent but you are getting her whole team of experts that work with her! Kelli will be our first call and first referral when it comes to Bay Area real estate.

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